Upholstery Cleaning Services in Keller TX

There is a special bond we have with our furniture. It makes them more than a pile of wood cushioned with padding, they fill up a space in our offices and residential homes, and by extension, they also occupy a space in our hearts.

Our favorite pieces of upholstery get dirty as a part of ordinary life. If not rightly cleaned, they can become a source of infection, allergy, and odor. The good news is that professionals can avoid all of these with regular and efficient upholstery cleaning services.

If your office or home happens to be in the Keller, TX area, Tulip Carpet Cleaning Keller is just the right match for you. We are local professional cleaners and upholstery cleaning is our specialty.

Our Eco-friendly Upholstery Cleaning Methods

We are environmentally conscious, so we use eco-friendly methods that are healthy for your home and the environment. Our services do not compromise on quality to achieve this, as we use efficient cleaning methods that leave your residential and commercial upholstery in a better state. Some environmentally friendly methods include:

1. Deep Cleaning Service

Our deep cleaning method involves reaching into the deep corners and pits in your furniture; ridding them of body oil, stains, and dirt. If it is a sofa or chair, our service providers go all out to clean the seat region, the edges, and the corners.

We use professional materials and equipment to give your furniture the proper treatment it deserves.

2. Hot Water Extraction/Steam Cleaning Service

This is the gold-standard cleaning method for most of today's couches and upholstery fabrics. The hot water is flushed through the upholstery fabric and immediately suctioned up to remove the water and the dirt. The heat is used to also kill bacteria and allergens that could be trapped in your furniture and, at the same time, clean your furniture while protecting its integrity.

3. Foam Cleaning Service

Foam cleaning is a suitable method for cleaning upholstery that you do not want to get very wet. It is a fast and reliable method, especially when it comes to maintenance service.

Why You Should Choose Tulip Carpet Cleaning Keller

We are a reliable upholstery cleaning service provider in Keller, TX. Experienced and certified to perform even mold testing & inspection service and can help with mold remediation! These are some of the other reasons why you should choose us:

  • Highly trained cleaning staff

    Our staff are well trained in the art and science of upholstery cleaning. They are usually subjected to intense professional training exercises on handling a diverse range of upholstery fabric. Regulatory bodies also license our services and technicians.

  • Professional cleaners

    Our cleaners are entirely professional not just in their interaction with your upholstery but with the surroundings to avoid damage to the area around the upholstery. We take a holistic approach to upholstery cleaning, and we provide satisfactory results always.

  • Ready for use within hours

    You wouldn't need to sun-dry your upholstery after cleaning. Our services ensure your upholstery is dry and free of cleaning materials before you can say Jack Robinson.

  • A specific type of cleaning suitable for your upholstery fabrics

    Our experience rendering professional services in commercial offices and residential homes has exposed us to various fabrics. We know the proper treatment each one needs, and we will do just that.

  • Affordable services

    We have different plans for all our services, and our plans are made to suit everyone. Get in touch with us today to know which plan works for you and get a free estimate for your upholstery services.

About Tulip Carpet Cleaning Keller

At Tulip Carpet Cleaning Keller, we pride ourselves on our years of experience delivering sterling professional upholstery cleaning services in Keller, TX. Give us a call today at 469-809-8667, and your upholstery will be restored to a better state.

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