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High concentrations of indoor mold can lead to serious health problems in your family such as allergies, skin irritation, eye irritation and a number of respiratory issues. Mold also causes rot in drywall, upholstered furniture, and ceilings if left unattended for a long time. After water damage, there is a high chance of mold growth. In some cases it can be visible using the naked eye or noticed from its distinctive smell. However, it is important to get professional mold testing services to examine the level of contamination. In areas of high humidity, mold is very common and if left unattended mold can grow to high levels of contamination before being noticed.

Where Can You Find Mold Testing Experts?

If you are in Keller, Texas. and its environs, Tulip Carpet Cleaning Keller is the best mold testing service in the region. We are a local based mold testing business offering professional mold testing services at affordable rates. Talk to our experts by calling us now on 469-809-8667.

Why Professional Mold Testing?

Complete mold eradication is not possible especially in high humidity areas and water damage prone areas. Professional mold testing not only helps identify the degree of mold infestation but also gives an insight into the mold type to compare to the types of mold commonly found in the area to ensure you act fast before it becomes a health hazard or causes extensive damage to property. A professional mold testing expert usually performs visual inspection, conducts air quality sampling, tests for humidity levels, and when required surface sampling. It helps to ensure a complete picture of the mold problem so we can provide recommendations on how to deal with it as well as prevent future manifestation.

Whenever there is serious weather in the Keller area, there are always customers wanting mold testing in the aftermath. To increase our availability, we have found a trusted partner in O2 Mold Testing, a team of certified and licensed professionals, so we can ensure that we are there for all our customers, whenever they call.

Why Choose Us

Tulip Carpet Cleaning Keller stands out among other black mold testing options because we have always ensured we invest in modern equipment and certified professionals. Our team is made up of certified mold inspection experts, well-versed with the mold testing process and using modern mold and humidity testing equipment such as mold test meter and hygrometers. With us you will know the actual extent of mold infestation in your property because of the extensive tests we carry out in your home once you partner with us.

Some of the samples we test include:

  • Airborne mold spore sample (breathable air inside your rooms)
  • Air between walls or inside ceilings and cupboards
  • Direct samples on the surfaces of your walls and upholstery also known as bulk sampling

These samples are taken by our mold testing team at the time of your appointment and delivered to our mold testing laboratory for processing. These samples are examined to confirm or rule out any fungal growth.

Our mold testing process covers the following steps:

  • Our experts first seek to understand the property history in relation to previous mold infestation, water damage and moisture content
  • Visual examination of the subject area
  • If necessary, illustrations and floor plans of affected areas are sketched to help remediation teams to understand the scope of infestation
  • Collection of environmental data, especially factors that have an effect in mold growth such as humidity and temperature
  • Assessment of ventilation systems to confirm if the quality of air is proper
  • Testing of moisture content in areas near water sources such as drainage systems and pipes
  • Detection of any water leakages between walls and areas suspected to be susceptible to water damage using infrared technology
  • Capturing of high-resolution digital photos of the affected areas
  • Collection of samples for testing, both air and surface
  • Reporting

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